Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MORE HOT HOT HOT Toy/Game Deals on Amazon!!

There really is WAYYYY too many to mention, so if there is a particular toy/game you are looking for, I am offering up my free (lol) services to help you out!
Just let me know what you are looking for, and I will do my best to help you find it online, for as cheap as I can find it :)
Because another set of eyes is ALWAYS better than one or two...especially for hunting down that toy for your child...trust me...I know :)

It's gettin' down to the wire and time to wrap up that online Christmas shopping!!
My husband works at the main processing plant P.O. in Green Bay and they are INSANELY BUSY, as you can probably imagine. His usual start time is midnight, but he had to go in for 9pm last night! PLUS he just texted me that he has to work late (going OVER 12 hours...) AND has to go in for 9pm AGAIN tonight!! Just CRAZY!

Anyway...I will leave you with a few HOT Toy Deals for you to check out. Have a SUPER Tuesday!
I really hope it ROCKS 100 kinds of Awesome for you!! :)

Moon Sand Construction Sky Crane Set $7.49 63% off
Guess Who Mix and Mash $5.99 76% off (thanks Bargain Sleuth!)
Toy Story Ultra-Blast Gauntlet $7.99 73% off
Ben 10 Legacy Omnitrix $9.50 73% off
RoadChamps GX Track Sidewinder Track Set $7.49 70% off
Hot Wheels Toy Story Claw Rescue Set $11.99 70% off
Bakugan Battle Arena $7.99 68% off
Bakugan Brawlers Game Pack $9.99 60% off
CARS Piston Cup Garage $13.65 66% off
Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Bionic Battle Sets $11.67 64% off
Mighty Beans Collector Case Series 2 $5.99 60% off
Nerk N-Strike Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster $9.99 60% off

Polly Pocket Pop N Lock World Rockin' Stage $9.99 72% off
Littlest Pet Shop Virtual pets Ladybug $5.99 70% off
Toy Story 3 GloDoodle $7.99 68% off
Olivia Figure Playset w/bag $5.99 60% off
Olivia Fancy Restaurant Playset $4.99 50% off
Olivia Carnival Playset $4.99 63% off

Go check out ALL the toys that are up to 70% off or MORE at Amazon!
And then, RIGHT on the top of where the toys are, there are sub-categories to choose from :)

AND ALL of that stuff will SHIP FREE w/2 Day Amazon Prime Shipping!!!

*Don't have a Prime Account?
Check out these options!

If you are a student, you can join Amazon Student for a FULL YEAR of FREE 2 Day Prime Shipping
If you are a Mom, Dad, Caregiver, Grandparent...ANYONE who cares for anyone...you can join Amazon Mom for 3 months of FREE 2 Day Prime Shipping!

And, if you don't want to renew after the trial offer ends...that's OK too! Right after you get confirmation of you signing up, go into your Amazon account and Cancel your membership. Your FREE trial will keep going, so don't worry about losing it :)


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