Thursday, December 9, 2010

NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Radio Shack: Select Nintendo DS Lite systems for ONLY $74.97! In store ONLY!

Right now, is showing Nintendo DS Lite systems for $74.97.
THIS is the CHEAPEST they have been .... EVER! Black Friday can't even touch THAT price!!
 Now, this price is for the DS LITE systems only...NOT the DSi Systems.

When you click on them, it will say "Out of Stock online" But there is a button that says "Find it in-store", click on that and enter in your zip code and see which Radio Shack Stores around you have these in stock. THEN you will probably want to call them and MAKE SURE that they have them for this price.
Some stores will be your best pal and hold one for you, so it pays to be nice :)

PLUS, be sure to print off this coupon for $10.00 of $40.00 or more. It says on "qualifying purchases" and not sure it will work on this super discounted Nintendo DS Lite, but doesn't hurt to try, right!?! :)

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