Friday, December 17, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD for $7.99 - Blu-Ray $11.99

Right now, there is a discount/promo code that is working to take the total price of the Eclipse DVD down to ONLY $7.99 on Amazon!
AND you can also get the Eclipse Blu-Ray for only $11.99
Just enter discount code TWILIGHT at checkout.

Thank you. OH THANK YOU, Amazon, for this sale. I was super surprised that I didn't buy this the day it came out and was JUST telling the girls last night that I couldn't believe we didn't buy it yet!
Then I remembered wanting to wait for Amazon to lower their price...and OH SO GLAD that I did wait!! :)

*I have tested this and the $8 code seems to be working on multiple copies of the movie. I put the DVD and the Blu-Ray/DVD pack in my cart and the code took $16.00 off!!!!
This prob won't last long .... so HURRRRRYY!!!! :)

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