Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guest Post: Tracie from Penny Pinchin' Mom: Hiding Behind A Computer Doesn’t Entitle One To Be Rude

I asked a fellow blogger if I could post one of her blog posts on MY blog because I just really liked it! She has some pretty good points in here...I hope you all will read it! 
AND be sure to stop by her blog Penny Pinchin' Mom, to say HI and that Mary Jo from Saving Green in the Bay sent you :)

So, I’ve been at this job long enough to know that some people are rude.  They visit site after site, leaving comments that they would probably never say to some one’s face.  It makes me mad.  It makes me REALLY mad.
Since when, is it OK to gripe, complain and tell someone off simply because you are behind a monitor?  IT IS NOT OK!!!  Manners are manners and it seems, that many people feel they are entitled or it is OK to rip apart bloggers, other readers or people in general, simply because they are not talking to one another face to face.
One instance is free offers.  The comments that I see people leave not only on Facebook or here on the site make my jaw drop open.  Those that I see on a company’s Facebook page where they are furious because the server is overloaded, or they ran out of coupons are just down right appalling.  There is NO reason that people have to act like this.
I am just so tired of people being ungrateful when it comes to free offers, high value coupons or even good deals.  Not everyone in the USA is going to get them.  Not everyone can will be able to hit a website to print a coupon at the same time.  Not everyone will even be able to get the same deal before the product is out of stock.  Why, is it OK for someone to leave nasty comments as a result?  It isn’t.
It even applies to products – just because someone posts a deal for a product they love does not give people the right to come onto their site and rip them apart simply because THEY had a bad experience.  I seem to be reading more and more instances where a blogger shared a good deal on a product. Someone, who had a bad experience feels they are entitled to tell the blogger how “horrible of you to post such a deal.”  Not everyone will like the same product, just like not everyone likes to eat the same foods. We all love different things, but telling a blogger that they are horrible or ’how dare they’ share a deal because of your opinion, is down right shameful.
While I realize that having freedom of speech is wonderful right for all Americans, there are times when one should learn to bite their tongue…or rather, just sit on their hands.

Tracie is passionate about saving money and living a debt free life.  She helped her family iradicate over $37,000 in debt in 27 months.  She shares how she was able to do this and other money saving tips daily at Penny Pinchin' Mom.   When not busy saving money, she enjoys raising her 3 children at home in Missouri.

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