Sunday, January 9, 2011

*Sold Out Online* HOT HOT HOT DEAL! Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD/Blu-Ray ONLY $4.79 SHIPPED!

This is NOW SOLD OUT online!
I would call your local Target to see if they have it in stock in store for the $10 price :)

Yea. I couldn't believe MY EYES when I saw this deal EITHER!!!
Not sure how long it will last since it's on a TPC (Temporary Price Cut) BUT...

Right now, you can get the Eclipse DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack for $4.79 Shipped from Target!
Here is how you get this ROCK BOTTOM Price:
  • Add Eclipse DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack to your cart (it is $10.00)
  • At checkout, enter discount code TGTWGT08 to bring the price down to $2
  • Shipping should be around $2.79
  • Pay $4.79 and it will be shipped to your door :)
YESSSSSSSS! I STILL haven't purchased this and I AM SOOO glad I waited!!!
Off to to buy my Eclipse Blu-Ray!!! :)

PS--where you enter in the discount code is a bit tricky to find...on the screen where you enter your payment info, it is RIGHT below on where it says "Have a Promotion Code or Team Member Discount?"
And there is where you can enter the discount code :)

This MAY be available IN STORE for the $10 TPC, also. IF SO, you can use this coupon, Save $8.00 on Eclipse DVD or Blu-Ray and get it for $2 plus tax!
You may want to call your local Target to see if the price is $10 in store :)

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  1. JUST placed my order and it came to $5.03 because of tax :)

  2. If you live in Ohio, with tax it will be $5.01!

  3. I wish i lived in the States. I am ready to buy from NZ!


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