Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did you Buy the Barnes & Noble GROUPON????

If you were one of the lucky ones that bought the Groupon for the Barnes & Noble AND you bought it through Saving Green in the Bay OR from the links on Facebook, if you could PLEASE
If you could email me at with your email address that you purchased the Groupon with, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Here's the story....
There was a glitch with Groupon and they weren't able to keep track of who bought what Groupon and from/through who...
SO, since it was their mistake, they are making good on it and all you have to do is email them with the email addresses of the people who you referred and BOUGHT the Barnes & Noble Groupon.
This doesn't only work for bloggers like me...but it is for YOU too! If you referred someone thru your Groupon link and they DID buy the B&N Groupon, YOU can also contact Groupon with their info!

Thanks Bargain Sleuth for the head's up!

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