Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FREE Personalized Veggie Tales Song Download!

I am just LOVING these FREE Personalized Song downloads for the kiddies!
I hope you were all able to snag the 3 FREE Sesame Street - Elmo Personalized Songs that I posted about awhile back...
Shoot, if the company keeps this up, with the FREE songs, you will be able to have enough for a whole album of FREE personalized songs! :)

I just saw on Twitter that you can snag a FREE Personalized Veggie Tales Song.
Just click HERE and then click on "get started"
Then enter discount code myveggie to get your FREE Personalized Song download :)

You will be able to select the name you would like sung in the song and THEN they will even give you the option of buying ALL 8 songs for ONLY $4.95!
But you don't have to to...just right click on the FREE song link to download the song to your hard drive :)

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