Saturday, February 26, 2011

When you find a deal... GOTTA stock up and use those coupons!

When I got the paper this past Sunday (2/20), I saw that my local grocery store, Festival Foods, was having a HUGE sale on Hunt's Snack Pack puddings. They were on sale for 69¢ each.
I ALSO knew that there was a coupon out there for 60¢/3 Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding.
SO, I looked up my favorite coupon clipping service and saw that they had orders of 20 of those coupons for only $1.00!
I ordered up 40 coupons and called the grocery store to let them know my plans for buying 120 packs of pudding.
They had NO problem in accompanying my order. It is ALWAYS best to call ahead when you want to order in mass quantities...and it's polite, so you aren't clearing the shelves!!
My coupons arrived in the mail either on Friday or Saturday (we were out of town until today) and I JUST went and picked up the 120 packs of pudding.

In case you are wondering, NO. The 120 packs of pudding aren't all for MY Yes, we are keeping some...about 30 packs, but the rest is property of my church, for their pantry. I am the bargain shopper for my church's pantry and to help them save money, I volunteer my time and "expertise" to find the deals for them :)
I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE to help people save money. It's just crazy how much I want to a sponge and soak up the savings knowledge!!! LOL :)

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