Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping with Saving Green Mom: Quick CVS trip :)

I had a bunch of EBs that were expiring today, so I had to run on down to CVS and spend them.
Since I didn't get to do my match-ups for this week, I had to scan through the ad to see what I could get for as little OOP as possible.
I had $15.77 in EBs that I had to use up.

Here is what my 1st transaction looked like:
2 Caramel Twix Candy Bars $1.00, get $1 EB
4 Hershey's Drops Bag Candy $10.00, get $3 EB
5 Powerade 32 oz. $5.00, get $2 EB
1 Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor Kit $6.99, get $3 EB
= $22.99 plus tax

Coupons Used:
- $1.00 BOGO Powerade printable Coupon (no longer available)
- $2/2 Select Hershey's, Reese's, York or Almond Joy Items (SS 5/1/11)
- $3/1 Bic Soleil Razor, exp. 6/12 (SS 05/01/11)
= $16.99

EBs Used:
- $15.77
= $1.22 plus $0.95 tax ($2.17)

To pay my balance, I used a $10 CVS Gift Card that I earned from SwagBucks!

Now, onto transaction #2!

4 12 packs Mountain Dew/Pepsi = $13.00, get $3 EB

EBs Used:
- $9.00 (from 1st transaction)
= $4.00 plus $0.72 tax ($4.72)

I used the same $10 CVS Gift Card to pay the balance.

I have $3 EB from buying the soda and still have $3.11 on my Gift Card!
SO, today...I spent $0 OOP for everything I purchased :)

Looking at my receipt, I have a Year to Date Savings of $425.08!!!! WOW!
And JUST today, I saved $48.92!

I soooo LOVE CVS!

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