Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aeropostale Sale! THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

I LOVE Clothing deals/coupons...especially when my girls are picky and only want to wear certain brands :)

Aeropostale puts out this $10/$50 coupon a bunch of times throughout the year and I ALWAYS end up using it when it comes out. If only the girls would stop growing enough to wear their clothes more than 2-3 times!!! UGH!

Now, in the past, they have let me use the coupon for $10 off EVERY $50 or it would be $20 off of $100, $30 off of $150 and so on. Not sure if they changed that policy, but I JUST took advantage of that deal in late August at the Bay Park Square hopefully they haven't changed it!

Anyway--you can go check it out ... Save $10 off $50 or 20% off $100 or more online, at Aeropostale
(this weekend ONLY! Nov. 4-7)

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