Monday, November 15, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY ALERT: Walmart Black Friday ad released!

I actually saw a copy of this last week, but couldn't post anything about it because of legal reasons :(
But I am happy to report that the BF sites have been given the go-ahead by Walmart to post it.

You can go and check out the Walmart Black Friday 2010 ad and see what you are gonna try to get.

Now that all the stores are 24 hours around here, you no longer have to wait outside, BUT there is ONE BIG drawback to that. They have people starting to line up for the HOT items RIGHT after Thanksgiving dinner on THURSDAY!!! Last year, I showed up at the DePere Walmart at like 2am and it was obvious that the laptops were going to be gone within seconds, since people said they were lined up since 5pm on Thursday!!!
SO, there goes the "thrill of the rush" of the Black Friday Sale :(
Yea. It's great that we no longer have to stand outside in the 20 degree weather for hours and hours...but it's like you have to give up your Thanksgiving to hang out in Walmart to get cheap electronics!

BUT don't be discouraged. THERE WILL BE more cheap electronics closer to Christmas. AND always check Amazon. OR stay right here! :)
You can count on me to post super cheap deals from Amazon. I LOVE THAT PLACE!!

SO, are you going to brave the crowds at Walmart? What are you hoping to get your hands on??

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