Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where you can find the NEW Campbell's and Pepperidge Farms $20 coupon book

I went to Walmart on West Mason and Copp's on Lombardi last night, to do some grocery shopping. While at both stores, I picked up the NEW Campbell's Share Something Delicious coupon book.
At the West side Walmart location, the coupon books were located between the bakery and meat/seafood department. They are on the side of a cardboard display.
As for Coop's on Lombardi, the coupon books are located on a cardboard Pepperidge Farms display in the seafood section of the meat department.
I also picked up a new coupon book from Nestle and Copp's. It s called Bake Some Love All Season Long. These coupon books were located on the ad stand right before the 2nd set of doors.

Sorry I am not too chatty today. I am feeling VERY "under the weather" :(
But I hope to get the Copp's and Festival match-ups up by tomorrow. I am so sorry. I really dislike being sick.

But I hope you all can go out and find these coupons!!

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