Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Score an easy 7 SwagBucks on the SB Blog!!

code is active until 6pm CST.
Check the Swag Bucks Blog for more info!

IF you aren't signed up with Swag Bucks, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??
Yea, Yea...I know...you probably think it is too good to be true and something like a scam.
That is EXACTLY what I thought until I signed up in April, 2010. NOW, I am kicking myself and wondering WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG???
Since April, I have earned $95.00 in Amazon.com Gift Cards. HOW did I earn that much? Just by searching!
I downloaded the Swag Bucks Toolbar, and every time I visit a site, I search for it first. Yea, I know it would be faster to just type in the site to my address bar and do it that way, but for every time you search, you COULD WIN a TON of Swag Bucks! Yes, you will get the little 7, 10, 13 Swag Bucks more often, but every little but helps!

So, what are YOU waiting for?

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