Thursday, January 13, 2011

*DEAD DEAL* HOT HOT HOT DEAL! 5000 sheets of Hammermill printer/copy paper for ONLY $6.07 shipped!!!!

Price went back up to $44 :(
I hope some of you were able to catch this HOT deal!!!

UPDATE--I guess NO ONE was able to catch this HOT deal because it really didn't even exist :(
I placed my order for 10,000 reams (2 of the Amazon listings), only to get my order canceled. What was their excuse?
They said that the listing should have stated the price was for ONE ream of paper, not 10. Well, then if THAT was the case, the listing should have changed in reams, NOT in price.
Oh well. You win some, you lose some :(
MAN. I was soooooooo excited to get all that paper! I was telling Dave that we would probably NEVER have to buy paper again!! LOL...It WAS too good to be true :(

WOW! Right now on Amazon, you can get 5000 sheets of Hammermill copy/printer paper for ONLY $6.07!

That is 10 reams of paper! Now, I usually pay about $4 for ONLY 500 sheets at Walmart.
I advise ALL of you to take advantage of this!

AND, with Amazon, this deal can go away AT ANY TIME...SO HURRY AND BUY IT! :) SHIPS FREE!

Thank you Penny Pinchin' Mom!

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  1. I know :( They canceled mine, too.
    I am pretty bummed by it. They said that the Amazon listing was supposed to say 1 ream and NOT 10 go back to the listing and the PRICE is what changed...NOT the number of reams. I would be OK with it if they just came out and said..."oops, we goofed...sorry!" LOL.
    It would have been nice to get all that printer paper for only $6...


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