Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How I Share Happiness...

I LOVE to share happiness. I LOVE to spread happiness. There are a couple ways in which I achieve this and I would like to share them with you.

I have 2 great passions in my life.

The first one is my family. Anything I can do to make sure they are happy, is very important to me.
I do everything I can to make my kid's smile. Even if it's little things, like making sure their favorite shirt is washed and ready to go for that special day or searching the house high and low for that over-loved stuffed animal that has been missing for an hour. My family's happiness is worth the world to me.

This past October was my sister's birthday. For the last few weeks BEFORE her birthday, she kept asking us to come down to have a visit. (she lives 2 hours away)
We could never make it because something always came up. Plus we were a one vehicle family since my husband's truck needed repairs and he works nights and works on the weekends, too. So, if I went down there with the van, he wouldn't of been able to go to work. And that was another "thing" that stopped us from ever going down to visit, unless my husband took off of work.

My sister's birthday was coming up and I wanted, so badly, to surprise her. So I contacted her neighbor and told her about my plans. I was going to rent a car for the weekend and drive down to surprise my sister on her birthday. All the plans were made with her neighbor and my brother-in-law and everything was set.
We arrived at my sister's house and found the "hidden" key where my brother-in-law left it. I parked the car down the road and we hung out in their house until my sister got home from work. Now, remember, my sister had NO idea we were coming to visit!

She got home from work and found us there and was so happy, she cried tears of joy!
I was SO happy to do this for her since she missed us so much. She never thought we would be able to come down for her birthday because of only having one vehicle, but I made it happen JUST to spread the happiness to my sister. I will never forget that day. Even now, sitting here and thinking about it brings a HUGE smile to my face.

The 2nd passion in my life is helping others. I volunteer with my church's food pantry and donate regularly. It makes me so happy to help those who need it.

Sharing happiness by helping those in need is very important to me. Although I do not get to see the impact that my help has on them, I know they are happier because of it.
And maybe, when they are able, they will want to spread the happiness by helping others, as well.

Spreading happiness should be important to everyone. It really does make the world go 'round.
Some people don't know how much one little act of kindness can impact someone's go ahead, give it a try...spread the happiness!

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