Friday, February 18, 2011


I truly LOVE Target clearance! It is a GREAT day when I can go there and take my time walking through the store and checkin' stuff out.
Today, I was lucky enough to hit to fully stocked Valentine's clearance!

 Here is a list of stuff I found: (SUPER CHEAP!)

Phineas & Ferb Valentine Book $1.49
Hershey Kisses Ceramic jar filled with Kisses $2.24
Striped Shower Curtain (same print as fleece throw) $3.24
2 Red Heart Floor Cushions $9.98 ($4.99 each)
4 Kitchen Towels (Flower/Striped print) $1.98 (.99 for each 2 pack)
Striped Picture Frame (see above pic) $1.24
4 Cereal bowls $1.76 (44¢ each)
4 Striped plates (same print as fleece throw) $1.96 (49¢ each)

There was still a TON of things left! I just LOVE it when Target puts out their "Holiday Lines", because they do it for every room in your house, so you can ALWAYS find some nice stuff that is good to keep out for the whole year.

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