Sunday, March 20, 2011

Copp's 10 for $10 this week (3/20-3/26) and some bread ramblings...

I know I don't post my Copp's sales until Tuesday evening, to get you all ready for Wednesday and Saturday Double Daze, but I just had to mention one of their 10 for $10 deals this week.

With food prices on the rise, every little bit helps :)

We, as a family of 5, go through a TON of bread. We gave up white bread years ago because it tastes too sweet and it really didn't matter what brand we just tasted doughy to us, too.
ANYWAY...we hopped on the wheat bread even though it's not 100% WHOLE WHEAT, it's a teeny bit healthier than white bread.
AND Copp's has their white AND wheat bread as part of their 10 for $10 deal this week.
SO, that means SUPER STOCK-UP on bread for this family!
I seriously buy 10+ loaves of bread there a couple times a week when they are on sale at Copp's. Yea, I get funny looks with all the bread in my cart, but it's worth it!
A regular loaf of wheat bread can run you up to $1.50+, depending on what store and what brand you buy. So, saving up to 50¢ a loaf is SOOOOOO worth it! AND, we have a HUGE chest freezer for the loaves of bread to call home until it is consumed.
Now. Some may not like to freeze bread because it may turn out hard or just not taste right to them. As for me, I have NEVER had a problem with this. The bread stays nice and soft. To unthaw, we just let it sit out on the counter.
I just LOVE it when bread goes on sale! Wow. Am I a 34 year old mom, wife and bargain hunter or WHAT? LOL :)

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